Things you need to know about the J pillow

Have you ever slept sitting upright on a bus or a plane? Then you know it is impossible to get a good sleep with standard pillow. The J-Pillow is what you want for your sleeping while traveling needs. This is number one travel accessory in the UK for three years now. This is attested by thousands of positive reviews. With J-Pillow Travel Pillow, a patent-pending and unique design, you doze off in full relaxation with complete support for your neck, chin, and head. You will forget how much of a hustle it is to sleep on a plane or a train with a standard pillow. Drooling and falling off the sit, sleeping on your neighbor, kids laughing at your discomfort, and more embarrassing sleeping on the road moments. The J- pillow will become your best travelling companion. You would miss your plane just to go back for it. Learn more about J-Pillow for travel review, in this article.


2This pillow has a unique shape that offers great comfort as you sleep. One arm of the 3D ā€œJā€ offers support for the side with the J-Pillow you get superior sleep since the shape supports your chin, neck, and head. The pillow has an extremely soft sleeping surface made from a polyester fiber lining material and a plush polyester material. This grants you relaxing sleep. It is easy to attach the pillow to a belt loop or to the outside of your luggage. This is enhanced by a nap-loop fastener. The pillow also offers convenience when it comes to storing it together with your luggage. This is because it squashes into a compact shape that is tinier than majority of U shaped pillows. The product is ultra-hygienic since it is machine washable. You can even select how firm or soft you want the pillow to be. You can easily get the cushions extra soft. Just tumble it dry on low heat. Firmer support can be achieved by using dry air.


The 3D “J” shape is innovative and one of a kind.2.Its design is very versatile allowing it to provide support for your chin, back, arm, head, and neck.3.The J pillow is extra compact to enhance convenience with luggage.4.The nap-loop fastener makes portability easy and convenient.5.The cushion is ultra hygienic ensuring that you lay your neck on a clean pillow. 6.For three years it has been the number one best selling travel pillow.In 2013 the pillow won the British Invention of the year award.


3Despite the great advantages of the J pillow, it has one disadvantage. It provides support for only one side of the neck. Hence you will need to change sides when turning. This J shaped travel pillow is one of the most innovative and superior products in the market. The 3D J shape offered the solution to support your your chin, neck, and head at one time and had made this review a pleasure for me. Even though it can only support one side of the neck at a time, it still remains the most superior product in the market. Besides, in order to support both sides at once, the pillow would require a weird neck-brace design.…