Importance Of Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional intelligence is one of the least understood forms of intelligence in the world. Perhaps that is why many people find themselves between a stone and a hard place when it comes to dealing with their emotions and those of other people. Most people think that a high Intelligent Quotient is the only thing that one needs to succeed in life. However, research shows that even the most successful people you hear about got to where they are not because of their IQs but their ability to manage their emotions and make their decisions objectively. Many businesses today fail because employees make decisions subjectively and in total disregard of other people’s feelings. Here are a few points on the importance of emotional intelligence training to businesses and individuals that you should note.

Enhances employee performance

Once you know how to understand your feelings and manage them, you will know how to perform your duties atsiusususussusususwork irrespective of how you feel. Think of a woman who works as a customer care representative in a telecommunications firm. Assume that she has domestic problems that are leading her into depression. If she takes these problems at work, how is she going to solve customer problems if she is not able to solve her own? She is likely to have a bad day at work too. However, with emotional training, she will be able to draw the line between work and home. She will find it easy to help customers reach their goals even if she is not able to do so herself. This way, her performance at work will improve.

Success to the organization

Great performance by employees translates into success to the organization. If employees are performing well, the organization should reach the next level. When employees manage their own feelings and those of their colleagues, they are able to work together as a team to achieve the common goals of the organization. They will take criticisms and corrections positively, and they will focus on delivering on their contracts with their employer. They also understand the emotions of the customers, suppliers, shareholders and generally all stakeholders of the business and respond to them appropriately. This is enough reason for people to desire to do business with the organization instead of its competitors.

Peaceful coexistence

Emotional intelligence training is perhaps most important in areas where political rivalry is rife. Some people may find it hard to take the loss of an election with humility, for instance. To some die-hard fans of certain sports clubs, it may be hard to swallow the bitter truth of a loss to bitter rivals. We have witnessed political violence in various parts of the world. We have also seen fans of big clubs fighting. Fights only occur where people do not understand and manage their feelings and those of other people well. Emotional intelligence training is very important in these situations because when peace prevails, people succeed in their endeavors and businesses thrive.

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